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Barcelona 2.0

I lived in Barcelona as a kid, from 1990 to 1993. I only have good memories of this period. I love the city, I love the culture, I love the people.
I lived there as my mother was transferred there for work. She asked to be transferred there because as a kid she lived there. It is a family thing.
And talking about family, my godmother is half french, half catalan, half spanish, and half andorran. Yes 4 halves, long story!
Therefore I have history there, friends as well as family.
Barcelona is that great city where I grew up, where I went back to do my Master of Science in 2006, and a fun place where to enjoy life.
However, I never saw it as a big digital media place.
Now that I spent a year in New York, I can compare the 2 cities. They are many things they have in common

  • The sea / the Ocean (only rivers in Paris / London)
  • Cheap cab rides
  • Easy access to the airport (compared to nightmare London or Paris)
  • Fast commute from 1 side of the city to the other – out of rush hours (take notes London!)
  • Bars, restaurants and lounges open late at night (Take notes again London!)
  • Fashion
  • Media
  • Savings banks
  • World top business schools (ESADE & IESE / Columbia and NYU)
  • Sport clubs dedication and rivalries (FC Barcelona vs RCD Espanyol / NY Giants vs NY Jets; NY Yankees vs NY Mets)
  • Big Telecom Media or Tech events: for instance Mobile World Congress 2012 for Barcelona, while New York has Web 2.0 Expo
  • Startup communities growing


And this is the point that interests me the most here, digital media startup communities. For instance, New York City has Gilt Group, Barcelona has Privalia; Barcelona has Groupalia, New York City has big offices for Google Offers, Groupon or LivingSocial. Having said that, I must state that Privalia and Groupalia are owned by the same people.
I did some researches recently, which led me to discover Nauta Capital, a Venture Capital fund as Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, Accel Partners and so on… It is established in Barcelona and Boston. It is also an investor in Privalia and Groupalia.
The connection can also be seen on political angles: NYC Mayor Bloomberg wants to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the city that never sleeps (read NYC Venture Connect to see events in NYC for that matter). For Barcelona, local authorities also want to help entrepreneurs to establish their new businesses in the Catalan capital, check Barcelona Net Activa.
Good reading on the Barcelona 2.0 subject: August 2011
Old but interesting TechnoCalifornia blog post from 2009

Hello World. Good bye New York City.

 A first post of blog serves as an introduction, to present the blogger and to explain what path the blog will take. If someone wants to blog about cooking and recipes, some sort of ‘why’ reason and some background is necessary. The greatness of blogging is, “anyone can blog about anything”. Time and pertinence will give credibility to the content.
 I want to dedicate this blog to digital media, a true passion for more than half of my life. That passion was started by my first usage of a computer in 1994, my parent’s old Olivetti with Windows 3.1. Then my true tech affair started in 1996 when I acquired my first own computer with ALL my savings. It was a Pentium III at 333Mhz with 256Mo of RAM (a monster at the time, of which I was really proud, connected to the Internet by Cable with a connection speed of 256Ko/s. At 14 years old I was a Geek. I still am, I guess.
 Now, 15 years have gone by, my tech and media addiction still going strong through middle school, high school and a scientific specialisation (French education system), 1 year of Computer Science engineering school, a Bachelor, and a Master in 2 business schools. Engineering school was great, perfect for my Geek-attitude, however not really for me. I decided that a career building tech stuff wasn’t for me but to sell it –  hence the 2 business schools. I did not end up selling tech stuff; however, now dedicated by day and partially night to M&A advisory to the TMT (Telecom Media Tech) Sector.
 1 year ago I moved to New York City, not to live the so called American Dream but to live the East Coast Tech Dream. New York, leader city in retail, media & fashion, becoming heavy on digital media with flourishing new Tech start-ups and VC firms (soon becoming a true competition to the Silicon Valley) was the perfect place to be.
Now, I am moving back to Europe after a tremendous year in The City. I learnt a lot, I am a different person, more mature, with a dream closer to becoming reality thanks to all the experience gathered in the Big Apple. An amazing experience, it truly was.
 Learning what I needed to learn, better understanding what I was not yet ready to understand, meeting amazing people, making some friends for life, these are my take-aways from my year in the City that never sleeps.
I have now just moved back to London. My goal is to move to a VC or a PE fund with digital media focus. I am still working in M&A advisory (in Europe mostly cross-border opposed to the US focus I had in NYC). Ultimately, I see myself on the buy-side and wanting to get my hands on digital media deals, helping entrepreneurs with ebullience of creative ideas, etc…
 The above tells you a bit about who I am, where I come from regarding digital media, whereas the below will answer “why blogging about it?”.The answer being:

  • Over the past 4 years I never really had time to blog. I once did, back in 2006 when I was interning in Shanghai in China. I wanted to get my family and friends to experience with me my stay there. My blog was named (I closed it early 2007 when Facebook became big enough to do the job – this google search shows some traces of it). For these familiar with blogs, it was a dotclear platform, hosted on a ftp (my internet provider at the time). I designed it around the theme of the movie “Catch me if you can” (I let you get the links between “Bruno where?”, “Bru nowhere!”, the movie “Catch me if you can”, my first name, and my nickname). Below are 2 headers that I designed for

  • Once arrived in NY, I wanted to start a new blog to share my discoveries on Digital Media in the City. However, I was still doing the same investment banking job, which kept me too busy during 3 years as analyst, it was still too time consuming to be able to properly blog. Therefore, I waited a year to properly set things up.
  • Here we are, not in NY anymore but definitely looking into Digital Media in Europe,  a continent  that  definitely has a ton to offer ( Despite lagging behind the Bay Area and now NY, Europe is the proper play ground for someone like me, willing to take part in the rise of European digital media to its true potential.
 I have set up this Wordpress blog to express ideas, comments subjects and broadcasts news, as well as leave a trace of my personal and professional development within Digital Media.
I have also opened a Tumblr page to quickly share pictures, videos, links, quotes and everything Tumblr is perfect for to share at any time from home or on the go from my phone (currently an iPhone 3Gs but soon to be an iOs iPhone 5 or an Android Nexus Prime, depending on which one of these 2 will win the October 2011 “smartphone of the next 12 months” fight).
 My Foursquare account, just because sometimes sharing digital info about where you are, can start a lot of conversations and ideas exchanges. Also because I like to show that I move a lot! I have been teased for my numerous ‘4sq check-ins’, which are not about to stop!
My Flickr account: to share what I see. I wanted it to be a Google Picasa /Web Albums account, however WordPress works better with Flickr. Google Web Albums won’t be completely forgotten as I will used it while on Google+.
My Instagram for nice pictures on the go.
My Twitter account will be as every other Twitter account, to share in one place every single trace of my digital feeds I will create.
 With regards to Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin, I will not link these accounts into this blog. However all feeds (WordPress, Tumblr, etc…) will be linked to these 3 platforms, to share them with friends and connections. I am a strong defender of anonymity on the web, as well as data privacy. As of now, this blog is not about who I am but simply about what are my ideas and interests.

 If someone wants to connect on Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin or wants my resume, please email me on
 Have fun on, my digital world.