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Amazon’s Army of Robots.

Robots are trending nowadays. Google acquires Boston Dynamics a few months back and Apple is said to be using robots to build the upcoming iPhone 6. This is just the tip of the iceberg, to name the most well known companies in tech using robots.

Regarding robots, something that really strikes me is not the Hollywood picture of how robots will replace humans (I, Robot?) but the way that robots can assist humans to perform better. Think a GPS device in your car, helping you turn by turn; it is not a robot, but it is a tech tool that does the mapping and guiding for you or instead of your passengers.

Now, to go back to what struck me regarding robots, was the announcement by Amazon that it acquires Kiva Systems in 2012. to Acquire Manufacturer of Robotics (NYT) is buying an army of robots.

The online retailer announced on Monday that it is acquiring Kiva Systems, a maker of robots that service warehouses, for $775 million in cash. Amazon, a customer of Kiva’s, is buying the robotics company as it builds out its vast network of warehouses and tries to improve its margins.

By then, 2012, the explanation of what was Kiva, was interesting. If I remember well, at the time there were a few videos online that got me really curious about what Amazon was doing in its warehouses. However, this blog post is to show the video below that I stumbled upon recently (even though it is a 2011 video):

I find this fascinating. It looks like an hanthill at work, such a hive of activity! Robots are there, very active, working alongside humans.

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