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No Wifi in the Eurostar

This post is about Wifi in the Eurostar trains but it is mainly to speak about wifi in long distances European transports.
I was in Paris recently. I took the Eurostar. For every Frenchie working in the City it is a ritual. 2h16 to Paris on a Friday night, last train at 8.02pm, and again early on Monday morning. 2h16 for which the 3G is not working perfectly because of the train speed, the tunnels, and when you are roaming in England or France depending on where you are coming from.
I wish there was Wifi on the Eurostar. Same with the TGV in France, Air France buses from Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport to Central Paris. Same with Regional train in France when I go to Normandy visiting my family over there.
During the 2h16 on the Eurostar I would deal with unread emails (even if now there is offline gmail), do some  online research, etc etc…
There is no wifi for now. I never understood why that tool is not provided to customers, which mainly are on business: as you can see here, out of the 750 seats, 206 are business, which is 27% of the capacity. I feel that’s high.
It is good news but definitely late compared with other transports I experienced across the world:

  • USA: national flights with Delta or AA
  • USA: buses connecting DC, Philly, NYC, and Boston
  • Mexico: bus from Cancun to Playa del Carmen
  • Japan: bus from Narita Airport to Central Tokyo; train from Central Tokyo to Narita Airport
  • France – Belgium: Talys from Paris to Brussels


In other words, I think nowadays almost at the doorstep of 2012, Wifi should be everywhere. As described by Marshall McLuhan, we live in a “global village”, we need to be in touch with everyone and everything, at anytime.

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